Math Problem for My Kinesthetic Son #1

Dad: “What is the result for this problem, Kak?”
Adam: “This is the answer, isn’t it?”
Dad: “Are you sure? Look again, will you.”
Adam: recounting…a second…two seconds…three….a minute…a minute and a half.
Dad: “So?”
Adam: “Is it, this?” – lackingĀ confidence he showed his paper to his dad.
Dad: “How did you get this?” shifting his seat; approaching, “here, show me how you got this result.”
Adam: redoing his calculation
Dad: “Here, look. What is six multiplied by three? Why don’t you try to count, more carefully now.”
Adam: “Oh…yeah. It’s eighteen. No wonder my result is wrong all the time.”
The talk that happen almost every evening at math evenings. Adam would do at least two mistakes; one during his round of guessing game and another one at the quiz sessions.
We tried really hard trying to get him the most positive feeling toward this particular subject…the most positive he can have.

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Gayatri Arifin

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