Behind the Tears #1


*wide eye

“What happened?”

I was dropping by the school that morning – bringing Hakim’s and Najma’s lunch – when i saw Najma on her teacher’s lap, burying her face, crying.

Bu Okta simply grinned and mouthed, “I’m scaaaaaaaaared” tilting her head toward the Rope Ladder Outbound Installation on her left.

My jaw dropped, “What!!”

Najma’s had outboundĀ integrated in her learning activity since she was still in Play Group… why the sudden fear?


As Najma cried, bu Okta hugged her, asked her what was wrong and tried comforting her. So unlikely would happen if it were me who dealt with Najma.

As her turn approached, our instructor, Pak Pendi, took her from Bu Okta’s lap.

“Come here, Najma, ” he said. The little girl, still sobbing, followed his lead to the back of the queue.

All Najma’s friends showed obvious courage as they saw their only girl-classmate were in tears. One by one they climbed the rope ladder, triumphantly ring the bell at the top of the ladder and climbed down.




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Gayatri Arifin

behind the camera capturing moments, staring at days passing then learn and grow, hoping to leave a small trace of goodness from the love of the loved ones

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