From Grinding Teeth to a Family Signature Routine #2

That night I remembered Rasululloh’s sunnah before sleeping – cleaning bed, having wudhu, citing al-Fatihah, ayatul Kursy, and the three Quls; al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq, and an-Naas, blowing a little air to a closed palm, and rubbing these palms to their entire body, starting from the head to the toes, then finally saying bedtime prayer – Bismikaa allohumma ahya wa amuut.

The early times we did it, it felt like forever. My youngest went naggy over this new habit,

“Why can’t we just say ‘Bismika’,” she said, “I’m too sleepy!” or “I don’t know the prayers.” even “I cannot say ayat-ul-Kursy”

I was rather persistent, despite all the complaints since I noticed difference. So we consistently performed this ‘sleeping procedure’.

No body grind their teeth anymore, not my second, not even his oldest brother who’d ground his teeth even much earlier. Better still, since we performed this habit daily, my youngest, who was only 5 at that time, successfully memorised the whole ayat-ul-Kursy and finally join in every citing.

In the end this prayers became our signature routine. Tucking them in is saying the prayer while rubbing and messaging their feet, giving the long hugs, telling them my prayers for them, then kissing them good night.

More often than never, a little thing open up an opportunity to teach and settled Nabawiya habit in our small family, with our loved ones. As simple as a boy’s sudden tooth grind to our signature tuck in.

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Gayatri Arifin

behind the camera capturing moments, staring at days passing then learn and grow, hoping to leave a small trace of goodness from the love of the loved ones

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